BMW Benefits from Surgan’s 10-year Long Partnership

Cork, May 2018 — Success is about building partnerships Surgan professional are to provide another technical design study for BMW, Spartanburg, USA. This is a continuation of Surgan’s 10-year long partnership with ATN Hölzel. ATN are tier one integrator that provide robot automation solutions around the world. Surgan has also provided ATN with technical design studies for many of their previous Ford Motor Company projects. This includes projects based in Europe, USA and other Ford plants around the world.
This latest BMW project involves the provision of primer and polyurethane application robot cell. The process applies the materials to the surface of three different glass types using a 6-axis robot, respectively. The glass is manually loaded and unloaded by an operator with the use of shuttles.

The studies provided by Surgan often involves installations using the application robot automation.  Our study will also focus on the man-machine interfaces, that is, load and unload operations …

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